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041 | Guilt Free Desserts (And A Better Life) | with Lee Selman + Nik Hawks

One of the things that can really deter us from eating clean is this crazy idea that we can’t have anything delicious – especially dessert! When I was still pretty new to the paleo lifestyle, and on my healing journey, I went on a search for something that would taste delicious, but I really didn’t want it to set me back. So, I stalked Nik and Lee of Paleo Treats. Seriously – I actually drove to San Diego to meet them and try their products, and I fell in love with everything they are about.

A couple years later, we are back together! In this episode, we get into why their treats are the best on the market; how they work together as husband and wife to bring nutrient-dense foods to us all; Lee’s terrifying health journey; and the ways they are disrupting wellness, one brownie bomb at a time.

Enjoy this one – it’s extra sweet.

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Today on The Platform…

  • How Lee and Nik supported Kelli through her first steps into podcasting

  • Lee’s incredible background as a camel farmer and Saharan expedition leader

  • Lee and Nik’s tips for working through conflict

  • How to maintain your sense of self throughout a long relationship

  • The power of a clean diet to resolve food sensitivity, allergy, and illness-related issues

  • The adventures of Rocky the piñata