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052 | The Grain-Free Prodigy | with Sadie Radinsky

I don’t know what you were doing when you were sixteen, but I’m pretty sure that you probably hadn’t already been writing a blog for 7 years, and you hadn’t already begun cooking paleo and grain free treats, researching all the ways you can have great health at a young age through clean food, and trying to change the world and the way women look at themselves and each other.

I wasn’t doing that, but you know who is? Sadie Radinsky.

She is the sweetest sixteen year old you’ve ever met in your life. I met this young woman through a friend of mine, and I just felt so called to know her. She’s putting out so much beautiful content, not only with the food and recipes she’s creating, but she is also changing the conversation around how we look at our bodies, how we talk to ourselves, how we talk to each other, and the way women support women, She spreads these ideas of empowerment, stepping into our own power, and helping each other  – both by lighting our own candles and by allowing each other to shine as well.

I’m so impressed with everything Sadie is about (and at such a young age!). The sky is the limit for her. I’m very excited for you to hear this conversation, and also for you to support her – because this is someone you’ll want to watch, and around whom you’ll want to rally.

Today on The Platform…

  • How Sadie took her health into her own hands

  • Sadie’s journey away from the traditional path and into young entrepreneurship

  • The benefits of not judging – yourself, and other people.

  • Releasing the pervasive cycle of competition between women

  • Sadie’s tips to care for yourself emotionally, physically, and mentally

  • How to keep a gratitude journal

  • Sadie and Kelli’s tall girl magic