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092 | Pursue Your Dreams | with Logan Gelbrich

I admire and look up to today’s guest, Logan Gelbrich, greatly. He’s the co-founder of Deuce Gym, and is the creator of the incredible Hold The Standard Summit, as well as a recently published author. Logan wholeheartedly believes in pursuing your dreams, and you’ll get a real sense of this in our episode today.

In this conversation, Logan and I talk about his experience writing his book and sharing his story, and we also cover decision making and leadership. We both come from a background of college sports, and being able to talk about the effect that has had on us and our mindsets was amazing. Logan truly believes in setting an example and paving the way, and our conversation today really highlights those qualities.

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • Transitioning out of professional sports
  • Seeing the power of entrepreneurs
  • How Logan uses being an introvert in his business
  • Accountability, effective leadership, and receiving feedback
  • How Logan’s qualities transfer over to his relationships
  • Taking a hard look at yourself and doing the work
  • Detoxing people that are no longer serving Logan’s life
  • Navigating and processing multiple emotions
  • Logan’s new book + being in a place of both growth and humility
  • How Logan handles being too hard on himself




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