099 | Chronic Illness, Astrology + Ayurveda | with Martha Soffer

It brings me immense joy to welcome the QUEEN of Ayurveda, the founder of Surya Spa, and my very own Ayurvedic doctor, Martha Soffer. I feel so lucky to call this woman a friend, mentor, and guide. When I found her, she helped me understand and get to the root of my chronic illness. Martha helped me transform my body in many ways, using food as medicine and ancient Indian healing.

We begin by diving into astrology, and how Martha makes many of her decisions based on this practice. She explains what Ayurveda is, and how she’s helped many of her clients by getting to the root of the issue. We also explore transforming health through the use of herbs and food! If you are new to this practice, or already interested in Ayurveda, I know you will learn so much from this share. Martha will also be speaking at Ceremony Wellness: Live, so if you haven’t already, get your ticket today!

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • How Ayurveda is a complete lifestyle change
  • Exploring astrology, meditation, yoga, & panchakarma detox
  • Martha’s transition from software development to Ayurveda
  • Using Ayurveda to heal your body after birth
  • How emotional trauma manifests as physical disease
  • Marrying into a lineage of karma
  • Learning from your body: fingers, pulse, & tongue
  • Using food as medicine
  • Simple lifestyle shifts to benefit your health
  • Making Ayurveda more accessible




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