100 | Morning Sex, Orgasms + Shame | with Amy Baldwin

I hope you are ready for today’s episode, because no topic is off limits with the incredible Amy Baldwin! Amy is a Sex and Relationship Coach, Certified Sex Educator, and co-host of the Shameless Sex podcast. By listening to her and April’s podcast, I have gotten everything I have ever wanted, never knew I needed, and more. I love the way they educate people on their bodies, sex, communication, and everything in between. In today’s conversation, we cover a whole host of topics—from morning sex and orgasms, to sex shame and communication, to masturbation and owning our sexuality. I could ask Amy anything, and she never makes me feel bad or shameful. At 31 years old, if I had all these questions, I imagine many of you do as well… which is why I can’t wait to share this conversation with you!

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • How society & religion shape our view of sex
  • Helping daughters understand sexuality
  • Consent, boundaries, and compliant sex
  • How sexual trauma can lead to feeling unsafe in your body
  • Communicating past traumas to your partner
  • Focusing on connection vs. the goal of orgasming
  • What is Vulva mapping?
  • Speaking to what feels good & sharing appreciation
  • Adding spice to your sex life
  • Authentically showing up with enthusiasm




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