102 | Escaping Sexual Assault + Evangelical Christianity | with Rachel Overvoll

Today I’m sitting down with the best selling author of Finding Feminism, Rachel Overvoll. Let me tell you—I could not put this book down. Rachel’s story is about growing up as a fundamentalist Evangelical Christian. Her book shows how religious indoctrination negatively impacted her self-worth, sexuality, and view of relationships, and how she’s healed these traumatic experiences. I was incredibly honored to sit down with her, hear her story, and see the woman she is becoming. From redefining her self-worth, stepping into her sexuality, and taking daily steps to be her authentic self… Rachel is truly a voice for so many people that don’t yet have one.

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • Finding self-love and worthiness
  • Practicing body positivity and gratitude
  • Overcoming shame with sex & masturbation
  • Having a voice during sex
  • Being in-tune with intuition & trusting that voice
  • Rachel’s new outlook on religion and spirituality
  • Sharing stories to create change
  • Intention vs. Impact
  • Ways to find your voice




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