103 | The Sexual Awakening | with Kat Trimarco

Today we are joined by Sex and Relationship Coach, Kat Trimarco! This incredible lady is deep, thoughtful, multi-dimensional, so it’s no wonder our conversation gets deep quickly. Kat shares her sexual awakening, her experiences with relationships and growth, and her work at the University of Santa Monica. She held space for me as I talked through some topics many of you may connect with—from reclaiming sexual power, to finding your inner voice, to relationships and sex. Her insight into life, and all the things that go into the process of growth, resonated so deeply.

I am so thrilled to share Kat with you, and to announce that she is speaking at Ceremony Wellness: Live! Make sure you also check out her event, Discover Your Sexual Wiring, on August 18th in Los Angeles, CA.

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • Accepting your worthiness
  • Choosing the identities you wear
  • Our connection to each other
  • The role inner work plays in creating boundaries
  • Shame culture around sex
  • Breaking through trauma to connect with sexuality
  • The importance of honoring our sexual desires
  • Connecting to internal reality to find your voice




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