Desire, Uncertainty and Listener Q&A | with Kelli + Conner

Today, Conner and I have a very special episode to share with you! Our conversation starts off exploring our own relationship. Conner expresses his insecurities and personal issues, sharing the growth he’s experiencing in our relationship. We dig into ways to cultivate passion by giving each other space, and how having a certain level of uncertainty can create desire. This moves into the importance of creating new experiences together, such as Conner teaching me to longboard for the first time! We then get into some listener questions around dating, orgasms, and how to entice a man by making the first move. PLUS, Conner brilliantly answers a question on parenting in today’s digital age, especially with teenage boys. We can’t wait to share it with you!

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • Losing yourself in a relationship
  • Being honest with yourself about your needs
  • Maintaining integrity in life
  • Bridging gap between spirituality and practicality
  • Balancing support and space with your partner
  • Not falling in love with someone’s potential
  • How certainty can kill arousal
  • Taking ownership of your own orgasm




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