Dating, Co-dependence + Control | with Amy Young

Today’s guest is the QUEEN of telling the truth. Amy Young is a Life Coach who teaches women how to give less fucks and get more love. She shows up fully for everything she does, and is so supportive of other women. Amy helps women love, believe, and choose themselves, so they not only have a stronger relationship with themselves, but with others. I have learned so much from her, and am so excited to share this episode where we dive into all things relationships. From love, dating, insecurities, and codependency… Amy walks us through IT ALL because she is the expert. She teaches us how much information to share on a first date, and her #1 tip for using dating apps. Make sure to check out her online dating workshop, Swipe Like A Boss!

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • Core issues Amy’s dealt with in her relationships
  • Examples of co-dependency
  • How co-dependency develops in childhood
  • Breaking patterns of co-dependency
  • Control & letting go in relationships
  • Stepping into uncertainty
  • Knowing why you are in a relationship
  • Spiritual experience of growth
  • Taking time to process feelings
  • When to go deep in relationships
  • Allowing someone to go our their path




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