Body Love, Worthiness and Emotions | with Caroline Burckle

Today we are joined by my dear friend, co-founder of RISE Athletes, and Olympian, Caroline Burckle. Our conversation today is one of the deepest conversations I’ve ever recorded. Caroline is so honest and raw about her struggles with body image, self-love, and her feelings of not being enough while also being ‘too much.’ She shares how her view of herself and her internal dialogue have shifted since being a competitive athlete. I am so impressed by Caroline’s journey of healing, the choices she is making, and the way she shares so authentically and openly. I truly cannot wait to share this remarkable woman with you!

Caroline will also be speaking on a panel with Conner at Ceremony Wellness: Live! Use code LIVE to receive a discount on your ticket today.

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • Caroline’s journey with art & drawing women
  • How we see ourselves in art
  • Comparison & competitiveness with other women
  • Working through feelings of shame
  • How feeling unworthy was addictive
  • Our self-healing work never ends
  • Stored anger manifesting into the physical
  • Processing anger to better understand yourself
  • Ways to tap into your softness
  • Asking yourself why you feel & think in certain ways




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