Homebirth, Breastfeeding and Dirt | with Emily Stanwyck

Today I’m sitting down with a really dear friend who is also my coach at Deuce gym, Emily Stanwyck. Emily is host of the Birthfit Podcast, a Professional and Family Success Coach, a birth doula, and a mom! I admire so many things about her—from the way she holds herself with confidence and grace, to the trust she has in herself, to the way she shows ups for her family, friends, and clients.

In our conversation, Emily shares her experience with pregnancy, breastfeeding, her home birth, and what shocked her most in the hours after giving birth. She stresses the importance of feeling a sense of safety and not moving into panic when it comes to choosing home births. We also dive into going the alternative route, and why asking questions and engaging in conversation with your doctor around vaccines is key to choosing what’s right for you.

Emily is speaking on all things motherhood, birth, and breastfeeding at Ceremony Wellness: Live! Use code LIVE to receive a discount on your ticket today.

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • Breastfeeding & switching to formula
  • Working through moments of mom-guilt
  • Letting go of control
  • How Emily chose the home birth route
  • Emotions & hormones after birth
  • Pooping during labor!
  • How Emily prepared for pregnancy
  • Working out during pregnancy




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