Listener Q+A | Healing, Vulnerability, Relationships -

Listener Q+A | Healing, Vulnerability, Relationships

Today, I’m riding solo to answer questions from our badass tribe of women. I answer questions around my journey of caring less about social media attention, not living for likes, and how I handle personal attacks. I share what’s helped me the greatest in healing from health issues, and how I navigate conversations with family and friends as I do my own work. I also dive into how my view and relationship to women has changed, how Conner and I manifested each other, and preparing for plant medicine.

As we are growing and healing with each other, I want to continue going deep into the tough conversations that help you evolve. Through your questions, we all connect to know we aren’t alone, and allow ourselves to feel vulnerable in a safe space. My show has become so much more than a wellness podcast, and I’m so grateful to be in this community with you.

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • How to stay true and vulnerable when getting attacked
  • How people project their issues onto us
  • Healing emotional & physical trauma
  • Connecting to your sexuality
  • Showing up in our connected, Divine feminine energy
  • Getting clear about what you want in a relationship
  • Being vulnerable with your partner
  • Creating space & letting go of control
  • Moving out of “mother” mode
  • How to not play the comparison game
  • Staying open & creating intention for plant medicine




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