Taboo Acts + Hot Sex | with Emily Morse -

Taboo Acts + Hot Sex | with Emily Morse

Today Conner and I are sitting down with Doctor of Human Sexuality, Emily Morse! As the host of Sex with Emily podcast and Sirius XM radio show, she educates, breaks stigmas, and provides a safe space for people to explore all things related to sex and relationships.

In our conversation, Conner and I share our experiences with connected sex, porn, masturbation, and sex toys. Emily shares her wealth of knowledge on how to introduce sex toys, using masturbation to connect with yourself, and taking ownership of your orgasm. We also discuss the importance of giving compliments to your partner versus harping on the negative, so he learns exactly what you enjoy.

Being open about sex and having healthy communication with your partner is so important. This episode will help guide you in having these conversations, and open the doorway for new possibilities.

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • Spontaneity in sex
  • Masturbation as a tool for couples
  • How sex toys can enhance sex life
  • Examining your limiting beliefs around sex
  • The positive & negative aspects of porn
  • Using breath work to better your orgasms




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