Trusting Yourself + Finding Freedom | with Celeste Richmond -

Trusting Yourself + Finding Freedom | with Celeste Richmond

Today we are talking freedom and trust with entrepreneur and philanthropist, Celeste Richmond! I have to share how impressed I am with the woman Celeste is, the path she is on, and the people she chooses to take with her on this ride. She is incredible at working her own triggers and issues, and creating a space for others’ to do the same.

In our conversation, we talk about the mind-body connection, creating freedom by setting boundaries, letting go of control, dismantling patterns, and so much more. Celeste shares the type of impact she wants to make, and how she works to change the way people view charity and philanthropy work. I am so thrilled to share this amazing woman with you.

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • Changing the narrative around your disease
  • The lessons that come in our healing
  • What it feels like to not be free inside of your body
  • Celeste’s earliest memory of not trusting herself
  • How suppressed childhood memories influence us now
  • What inner child work looks like for Celeste
  • Feeling safe in your body & advocating for yourself
  • Releasing control in relationships




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