The Anxiety Trap | An Anonymous Conversation -

The Anxiety Trap | An Anonymous Conversation

Today’s episode is a special one! It’s the first time a guest has been anonymous. Over the past six years, I’ve been working with, mentoring, and becoming great friends with this brave young woman. She’s here to share her experience with crippling anxiety that’s led her to dive deep into spirituality and wellness.

We talk about her leaving her job, the feeling of anxiety dictating her life, the comparison and shame she experiences, and how she’s never had an orgasm—by herself or with a partner. She shares how journaling has impacted her, and how perfectionism and control have run her life. This woman’s transparency, humility, and willingness to come on the show is incredibly brave. Her story is one we can all relate to, and I’m excited to share this little coaching session with you!

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • Her experience with imposter syndrome
  • Ignoring her need for self-care
  • Comparison leading to shame
  • Choosing openness & honesty even when it feels shameful
  • Listening to the needs of your body
  • Practicing mindfulness in the shower
  • How to connect with your body to overcome shame
  • Getting out of your head during sex
  • Focusing on the pleasure vs. reaching climax
  • Being okay with not feeling okay
  • Different ways to hold space for someone


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