I’m Back In My Body | with Kelli

Today, I’m diving deep into your questions with another solo episode. I am loving the intimacy and honesty of these conversations, and feel honored to share in this growth with you. I cover everything from letting go of fear and control, being present in your body and choosing yourself through pleasure, and not identifying with your illness. I also share questions to ask yourself in order to connect with your sexuality, your body, and truly knowing yourself. Let’s go!

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • Journaling to release fear and control
  • Movement and dance to release emotions
  • Talking about and honoring your body 
  • Sexuality and pleasure as gateways to healing
  • Exploring your sexuality through imagination
  • Using sex tools to know your body
  • Exercise & listening to your body’s needs
  • Getting clear on your goals & creating a plan
  • Living in the gray area to be wild and free




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