The Goddess Reclamation | with Julianne Vaccaro

With joy and love I welcome my close friend, a Holistic Health Coach, and host of The Reclamation Project podcast, Julianne Vaccaro! This inspiring woman is a true goddess of healing, and she is here to share her story and knowledge with us. Our conversations dives into reconnecting with her body, trauma leading to her journey of self-discovery, somatic healing, and feeling unsafe in your body. Julianne shares how she leans into her feminine energy and lets the noise fall away by turning inward. And lastly, as we talk about healing, we have to talk about sexuality—such as using your voice in your own pleasure practice and with a partner. This is a conversation you don’t want to miss!

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • Abuse in relationships
  • Sexual acts as taboo subjects
  • Sexuality as the gateway to success
  • Moving from your head into your body
  • Honoring the differences in people
  • The feminine vs. masculine ‘no’
  • Finding gratitude for relationships that have ended
  • Healing the gut for intuitive eating




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