Naked in the Mirror | with Olivia Noceda aka olive.eeeats -

Naked in the Mirror | with Olivia Noceda aka olive.eeeats

Please welcome a new friend of mine (whom you may already know)… Olivia Noceda aka olive.eeeats! She does amazing work within the wellness community, but more so is the loveliest of humans—kind, sweet, thoughtful, and so very honest. Our conversation went places I didn’t expect. We begin with sex positions, having fun in the bedroom, along with feelings of insecurity around sex. Then we dive into body image, competition with women, and helping women heal across the world through social media. Olivia explains how the practice of standing naked in front of the mirror everyday has changed her life! She also shares what it’s like to experience emotions for the first time when you’ve always been the pillar of strength for your family. Get ready to feel inspired by this amazing lady!

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • Having frequent, open conversations around sex
  • Olivia’s parent’s impact on how she views sex
  • Healthy competition vs. the comparison trap
  • How others’ worth doesn’t take away from yours
  • Insecurity stemming from social media
  • Free writing and meditation for quieting the mind
  • How being triggered can help you heal
  • Mental health: combining eastern and western practices




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