Validation + Freedom | with Jill Coleman

Today I’m sharing my interview from Jill Coleman’s, The Best Life Podcast! As the founder of JillFit, she coaches women on how to create a healthy lifestyle through nutrition, fitness, and mindset. Jill also teaches other fitness professionals how to grow their online coaching businesses. She is powerful, influential, and incredibly genuine in that she truly cares about supporting people in their growth.

In our conversation, Jill opens up about her marriage ending and the way it impacted her. She explains how she didn’t recognize the sense of self-worth her marriage gave her until it was over. We talk about not feeling chosen, and ways you can choose yourself. I share some intimate moments from my career in television, and the moment I truly began respecting myself. The two of us also dive into how to begin finding freedom in your own identity by ditching the cultural narrative. This episode is all about choosing yourself and finding YOUR version of freedom!

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • Deriving self-worth from others’ opinions
  • Being able to ask for the support we need
  • What it’s like to receive
  • Discovering your version of freedom
  • Speaking on taboo subjects
  • Developing clear communication in your relationship




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