Life as a Psychic Medium | with Emily Greene -

Life as a Psychic Medium | with Emily Greene

Please welcome back my dear friend, psychic medium, Emily Greene! Our conversation today is one I’ve been dying to have for months. Emily shares insight into the anxiety she felt as a young girl with these innate abilities to connect to the spirit world. She explains how all of us have intuitive abilities, but haven’t built the awareness around them. For Emily, it’s been a lifelong journey of understanding her gifts to help herself and others around her.

Today, we talk about souls coming to Earth with a mission, and how spirit babies choose their parents. Emily shares key points to begin feeling comfortable initiating conversation with loved ones who have passed. We also dive into creating balance between being in the spirit world while honoring your human experience.

At the end of the episode, you’ll get a glimpse into what a session with Emily is like, as she does a mini reading for me! You can also save 15% on a session with Emily by using the code CEREMONYWELLNESS at

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • Emily feeling misunderstood as a child
  • How to communicate with loved ones who have passed
  • What it means when a soul hasn’t crossed over
  • How to help a soul cross over
  • Creating a sustainable relationship with channeling
  • Establishing boundaries with the spirit world
  • What is astrocartography?




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