Space + Trust in Relationships | with Tiffany Louise -

Space + Trust in Relationships | with Tiffany Louise

Today’s episode is a fun one! Tiffany Louise, professional coach and licensed therapist, is here to talk about space, trust, and building healthy relationships with Conner and I. At the end of the episode, we receive our own personal therapy session, so you gain some insight into the way we operate. We also talk about being okay with being disliked, virtue signaling, and being in the masculine in a relationship. Tiffany shares how her people-pleasing tendencies have shifted over the years, and how she uses it as a strength versus weakness.

I deeply admire Tiffany and the way she approaches personal growth and spirituality—I don’t know anyone else in the space that does the work like her. She is also the author of the book/journal, This Year I Will. It’s a once a week journaling prompt that I use and highly recommend! Tiffany has truly helped me step into my power in an authentic and genuine way. I can’t wait to share this conversation with you!

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • Our instinct to dim and downplay ourselves
  • Having conversations around the support you need
  • Power dynamics & giving/receiving in relationships
  • Building trust by sharing your uncomfortable feelings
  • How unsolicited advice is disempowering
  • Men feeling unavailable because of their work or passion
  • Creating healthy space in your relationship




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