Nourishment is Needed | with Julie Sawaya + Ryan Woodbury -

Nourishment is Needed | with Julie Sawaya + Ryan Woodbury

Today I had the pleasure of interviewing the co-founders of Needed, Julie Sawaya and Ryan Woodbury! Their company provides a vegan omega-3 powder that is five times better absorbed than standard fish oil. This interview was such a joy for me because I deeply admire both women, and absolutely love their company.

We begin with Julie and Ryan sharing pieces of their childhood that greatly influenced their paths, especially with their desire to help others and the environment. They discuss what balance and boundaries look like for them, so instead of falling into this savior mentality, they instead empower individuals. Both ladies share difficulties they’ve faced with deriving self-worth from accomplishments, and the importance of doing activities for enjoyment rather than the need to achieve. This is a powerful conversation on what a journey to success looks like, and how even when you reach a desired level, the journey of improvement doesn’t end. If you’re seeking to learn how to be an incredible business woman, friend and cheerleader for other women, this episode is for you!

Today on Ceremony Wellness

  • Ryan’s childhood mantra that influences her today
  • J & R’s positive traits that make them great co-founders
  • Julie’s healing experience after her mom’s struggle with addiction
  • Empowering people through education & community
  • J & R’s varying experiences during boarding school
  • How schools may evolve for future generations
  • How J & R practice letting go of control
  • J & R’s definition of spirituality and how it impacts them
  • Why they created Needed & what makes the company different
  • Why Needed uses liposomal delivery of omegas
  • Overcoming difficult moments as entrepreneurs




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