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“Healing anything—any wound, misunderstanding, challenge, unresolved material—is the application of loving to the parts inside that hurt.”

097 | Hearing Voices – You’re Not Alone | with Laura Holloway + Monika Zands

Learn to switch up your self-created stories as we talk through committing to owning your emotions and the importance of holding space without judgment.

“It feels so good that I don’t have to be the one to do everything and figure it all out– being with someone that will be in it with me, and experiencing the process.”

096 | Sacred Partnership | with Christine Hassler, Stefanos Sifandos and Conner Moore

Today we discuss sacred partnerships, and what it means to not only be in one, but to create that level of openness and trust within a relationship.

“Sacred union for me is that level of interaction, the level of deep intimate relating where the relationship itself is actually adding value to all of those around you.”

095 | Holding Space in the Masculine | with Stefanos Sifandos

In today’s conversation with Stefanos, we talk deeply about so many necessary topics like masculinity, getting comfortable in the unknown, and sexuality.

“If we can get better about knowing ourselves through movement, through breathing, through recovery, and we start to figure out the best strategies to manipulate how we’re recovering; that’s where my job as a coach is so pivotal.”

094 | Mastering Mindfulness + Movement | with Ryan Hodge

Today we talk about utilizing breathwork in your movement practice, the importance of sleep and more. Tune in to incorporate active movement into your life.

“Maybe your symptoms are actually the body’s way of communicating with you asking for your attention to peel back the layers and look deeper.”

093 | The Gut-Skin Connection | with Jennifer Fugo

“I am more committed than I’ve ever been in my life to surround myself with people that are extremely curious about how they can improve.”

092 | Pursue Your Dreams | with Logan Gelbrich

“There’s nothing wrong with a period, there’s nothing wrong with a vagina, and we deserve to be able to talk openly and honestly about what’s happening with our bodies and what we need.”

091 | Breaking Period Taboos | with Maeve Roughton

“It’s so important for us to seek and understand and connect with other people in a way that is honest, genuine, and just naive enough for us to believe that great things can happen in our lives.”

089 | The Brené Brown Breakdown with Conner Moore + Kelli Tennant

“I always started fights with relationships, or I’d always pick a fight, and I’d pick a fight because it gave me an opportunity to resolve the fight, and when I resolved the fight, I felt more loved.”

088 | Healing Rejection + Sex Shame | with Caleb Campbell

“I have to understand that this is my body, and this is the way my body looks right now; and it may look different later; if I can get to the point of accepting my body now, I will be able to get to the point of accepting my body later.”

086 | Reclaiming Your Power | with Nataly Valenzuela

“It’s a form of happiness that you can’t even explain when you found your purpose and you’re moving forward, and have manifested it and combined it with your passion.”

085 | The Truth Behind Bipolar | with Hannah Blum

“The feminine and the masculine lives within each and every individual. This is not about women becoming more feminine and men becoming more masculine; this is a harmony between both of these energies given what you’re doing in a present moment.”

084 | Finding Balance Between Feminine + Masculine | with Madelyn Moon